Senderismo en la Ribeira Sacra – Hillwalking at the Ribeira Sacra (Galicia)

Hill walking track at the Ribeira Sacra, Galicia, SpainEnglish version below

Esta semana iniciamos una serie de posts sobre las rutas de senderismo que hemos confeccionado para los amantes del senderismo por la Ribeira Sacra. Para plasmar mejor las rutas que grabamos con un GPS de mano, trabajamos con el programa Wikiloc. Desde Wikiloc puedes visualizar las rutas de diferentes maneras (mapa, satélite, relieve), descargarte la ruta (archivo gpx) o realizar un paseo virtual si tienes instalado Google Earth. Cada ruta lleva asociada numerosos comentarios y fotos. También te puedes descargar las rutas directamente desde la sección de senderismo nuestra página web (pincha en “Descarga gpx”) para pasarlas a tu GPS.

Si te alojas en A Casa da Eira, te facilitamos todo lo necesario para emprender ruta. Te entregamos un GPS de mano con las rutas pre-grabadas, un mapa personalizado de cada ruta con comentarios sobre los puntos de interés y una guia de utilización del GPS. De momento hemos confeccionado un total de ocho rutas que percorren los monumentos más importantes de la Ribeira y los miradores más recónditos sobre el Cañón del Sil.

This week we begin a series of posts about the hiking tracks that we have created for hill walkers in the Ribeira Sacra. To better reflect the routes recorded with a handheld GPS, we work with the program Wikiloc. Through Wikiloc you can view tracks in different ways (map, satellite, terrain), download the route file (gpx) or take a virtual tour if you have installed Google Earth. Each route is associated with numerous comments and photos. You can also download routes directly from the hill walking section of our website (click on “Download gpx”) and upload to your GPS.

If you stay at A Casa da Eira, we provide everything you need for your hiking excursions. We deliver a handheld GPS device with pre-recorded tracks, a detailed map of each track with comments on points of interest and a user guide for the GPS. At the moment we have made up a total of eight tracks covering the most important monuments of the Ribeira and remote viewpoints of the river Sil Canyon.


About acasadaeira

A midsummer dream This is probably the best way to describe how A Casa da Eira saw the light. It just happened that once again we were combing the villages of the Riberira Sacra area when suddenly we found the house which, in the future, would be our bed&breakfast. Or should we better say the house found us. Immediately we were captivated by its long chestnut-wood balcony, its sand-coloured granite stone walls and the situation of the village at the upper part of the River Sil Canyon. It only took us one night to decide that this would be the place where we wanted to start our new life project. And it has been since 2001 that we have been sharing it with all our visitors.
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