Ruta de senderismo “Outeiro das Aigues”

English version belowRuta de senderismo Outeiro das Aigues

Con esta ruta iniciamos nuestra serie de posts sobre senderismo en la Ribeira Sacra. Se trata de una ruta circular por el Cañón del Sil (Ribeira Sacra, Ourense, Galicia). Destacan sus vistas panorámicas y la flora muy variada y autóctona. El pico Outeiro das Aigues, que le da nombre a la ruta, está a 1021m y su nombre proviene de “avistador de águilas”. Realizar la ruta lleva unas 5 horas andando. La ruta también es apta para BTT. Transcurre básicamente a pleno sol por lo que se recomienda realizar fuera del verano. Muy interesante en invierno con nieve en BTT o andando y entre abril/mayo por la floración del brezo.  Los días de invierno con sol y frío intenso son perfectos para la ruta. Con buena visibilidad se ve incluso la ciudad de Ourense.Gran parte del camino es pista forestal entre flora variada y autóctona pero que todavía no llega a sombrear ya que es de reforestación. La ruta no está señalizada y conviene llevar GPS de mano con las coordenadas. Se pueden descargar en la sección de senderismo de nuestra web pinchando en “descarga gpx”.

With this track begins our series of posts about hiking in the Ribeira Sacra. It is a circular route at the Sil Canyon (Ribeira Sacra, Ourense, Galicia). Highlights are the panoramic views and the varied authochtonous flora. The peak Outeiro das Aigues, which gives its name to the track, is at a height of 1021m and its name means “Eagle viewpoint.” The route takes about 5 hours by walking and is also suitable for mountain biking.  Being basically under full sun it is not recommended during summertime. Very interesting in winter with snow on mountain bike or by walking and in April / May coinciding with the heather flowering . Sunny and cold winter days are perfect for the track. With good visibility one can even see the town of Ourense. The largest part of the track is a forest path between varied reforested flora which has not yet reached sufficient hight to give shade. The track is not signposted and should be done by means of a hand-held GPS. The track coordenates can be downloaded from the walking section of our website by clicking on “gpx downloads.”


About acasadaeira

A midsummer dream This is probably the best way to describe how A Casa da Eira saw the light. It just happened that once again we were combing the villages of the Riberira Sacra area when suddenly we found the house which, in the future, would be our bed&breakfast. Or should we better say the house found us. Immediately we were captivated by its long chestnut-wood balcony, its sand-coloured granite stone walls and the situation of the village at the upper part of the River Sil Canyon. It only took us one night to decide that this would be the place where we wanted to start our new life project. And it has been since 2001 that we have been sharing it with all our visitors.
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