Agenda para el mes de enero 2011

Fachón grande Festa dos Fachós en Castro Caldelas 19 de eneroEnglish version below

Actualizamos nuestra sección de noticias con la agenda de enero de 2011. Destaca la celebración de la fiesta “Festa de Os Fachós – San Sebastián” que se celebra el 19 de enero al atardecer en Castro Caldelas. Es una fiesta muy auténtica donde acude sobre todo gentes del lugar y alrededores. Se prende fuego a un gran Fachó (una especie de antorcha muy larga hecha de paja) que es portado por los lugareños que recorren las calles de casco antiguo. Luego no faltan el chorizo y vino para recuperar fuerzas alrededor de una hoguera.

Agenda de A Casa da Eira

We updated our news section with the agenda of January 2011. Highlights are the celebrationof the festival “Festa de Os Fach – San Sebastián”, held on 19th January evening in Castro Caldelas. It is a very traditional fiesta where mostly local people gather. A big torch (O Fachón) and several smaller ones are set to fire (a sort of very long torch  made of straw) and carried by the locals on the streets of the old town. At the end  do not miss the chorizo saussage and regional wine to regain strength around a fire.

Agenda A Casa da Eira


About acasadaeira

A midsummer dream This is probably the best way to describe how A Casa da Eira saw the light. It just happened that once again we were combing the villages of the Riberira Sacra area when suddenly we found the house which, in the future, would be our bed&breakfast. Or should we better say the house found us. Immediately we were captivated by its long chestnut-wood balcony, its sand-coloured granite stone walls and the situation of the village at the upper part of the River Sil Canyon. It only took us one night to decide that this would be the place where we wanted to start our new life project. And it has been since 2001 that we have been sharing it with all our visitors.
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