Agenda abril – April agenda

Fecha/Date Lugar/Place Evento/Event
31/03 Ourense Ciclo de Jazz Café Latino
01 al 15/04 Ourense 16º MITEU (Mostra int. teatro universitario)
01/04 Ferreira de Patón feria (mercado), puestos de pulpo
02 al 03/04 Sarria XVI Feira de San Lazaro (antigüedades)
02/04 Castro Caldelas feria(mercado), puestos de pulpo
04/04 Maceda feria(mercado), puestos de pulpo
03/04 Info e inscripciones Ruta Ambulare Cañón del Sil Santa Cristina
05/04 Parada do Sil feria(mercado), puestos de pulpo
06/04 Ourense Ciclo de Jazz Café Latino
07/04 Ourense Ciclo de Jazz Café Latino
10/04 Info e inscripciones Ruta Ambulare Ruta dos Viñedos
16 al 17/04 Amandi (Sober) XXXI Feira do Viño de Amandi
18/04 feria (mercado), puestos de pulpo Castro Caldelas
20/04 feria (mercado), puestos de pulpo Maceda
22/04 Camiñada por Castro Caldelas 10h00 Prazo do Prado
23/04 Mercado medieval Monforte de Lemos
25/04 feria (mercado), puestos de pulpo Luintra
28/04 puestos de pulpo Montederramo
29/04 al 08/05 XV Feira de Artesanía Ourense
30/04 al 03/05 Os Maios Ourense

About acasadaeira

A midsummer dream This is probably the best way to describe how A Casa da Eira saw the light. It just happened that once again we were combing the villages of the Riberira Sacra area when suddenly we found the house which, in the future, would be our bed&breakfast. Or should we better say the house found us. Immediately we were captivated by its long chestnut-wood balcony, its sand-coloured granite stone walls and the situation of the village at the upper part of the River Sil Canyon. It only took us one night to decide that this would be the place where we wanted to start our new life project. And it has been since 2001 that we have been sharing it with all our visitors.
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